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Marble cleaning and marble polishing. Stone Restoration San Jose
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San Jose Stone Restoration

Natural stone such as marble adds luxury to just about any room in a home. We often see marble, travertine, limestone and others in countertops, shower walls, entryways and many other areas.


Though a lot may think that natural stone is imprevious to staining, scratching and etching, many types of marble and natural stones are actually quite soft and in time they may need some kind of restoration. Love Your Floors can restore and polish your marble surfaces to like new.


Let's talk about the different restoration processes.


Marble and Stone Cleaning San Jose

No doubt that over time your marble and other stone surfaces will need to be cleaned. A deep cleaning can make a big diference in the look of your stone and grout surfaces. Usually shinny stones such as polished marble will repel dirt more then a honed stone. The pores of a honed stone are usually more apt to get dirty. This is because the pores are more open then they are in shinny stones. We see a lot of honed travertine floors that would benefit from a good cleaning. Dirt also ends up in the holes that naturally come with travertine tiles. Applying a sealer after a deep cleaning is also recommended to prevent your marble, travertine and other stone surfaces from staining. For surfaces such as shinny marble a light polishing may also be in order at this stage.


There are usually 2 types of restoration processes.


2-Step Restoration in marble polishing

If your marble, travertine or other stone surface has become dull, this process may be necessary. The first step would be to hone the stone surface with diamond abrasives. This would take care of scratches and etching from the surface. We then polish the stone surface with a specially designed marble and travertine polishing powder to bring back the shine and clarity the stone once had.


3-Step Restoration
This process involves the first two steps (honing and polishing) and may also include "grinding" the high edges commonly known as lippage removal. Severe lippage results from poor installation. Once the floor is flat from the "grinding" process, it is then honed and polished. Once this procedure is done your floors will have a monolithic look to them adding much value and elegance. Even though this procedure will solve most issues with damaged floors, deep scratches, gouges or nicks may need to be repaired or filled.


Wether you need just a cleaning of your marble surfaces or a more thoughrough process such as a 2 or 3 step marble polishing process, we have the expertise and most of all pasion to get the job done.


Some of our marble polishing and stone restoration services:

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