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Granite Cleaning and Sealing San Jose

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Granite Countertop Cleaning and Sealing San Jose

Granite is an ingenous rock that was formed by volcanic action and intense heat. It is natural for these beautiful stones to have fissures and pitting throughout.


Dirt and bacteria settle in these minute holes and usually are not cleaned with normal procedures. Our powerfull tile tools extracts these areas in your granite countertop leaving them clean and free of contaminants.


  • A cleaner designed for stone is applied to the surface
  • Brushes and pads are used to agitate the granite
  • Superheated water is used to extract all of the dirt and bacteria from your granite countertops. The pressurized water returns to our powerful truckmount without a mess in your home.
  • We then seal the granite with an impregnating sealer to ensure help in stain protection.


Though granite is a very dense stone, it can overtime loose it's shine. This can happen from years of abrassion from dishes and glasses sliding across your granite countertops. As well, your granite floors may loose lustre from years of walking.


Our granite polishing paste can bring back the lustre of your countertops and floors to it's original finish. It is important to note that this is not done with waxes that will only temporary increase the shine. The shine will not prematurely go away with our process.


At times the loss of shine is due to a buildup of cleaners as well as hard water. Other means of removal will be incorporated in the cleaning process.



Some of the areas we service:
San Jose
Los Gatos
Los Altos
Morgan Hill
Portola Valley and others

Granite countertop maintenance

Our powerful truck mounted equipment deep cleans your granite countertops with super heated water.


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