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Tile and grout cleaning San Jose ...... Before cleaning


Ceramic tile such as this one can be a chore for the home or business owner to clean. Even best efforts seldom produce favorable results. The price of tile and grout cleaning tools that professionals use are simply not feasable for the homeowner to purchase. Once the tile and grout has been deep cleaned, a home tool such as the Hoover Floor Mate does a fair job at maintaining the tile and grout.



Tile cleaning San Jose / Grout cleaning .... After cleaning and sealing

In most cases we can get the tile and grout looking to like-new condition. There are times that the grout is stained even after aggresive cleaning. When we come out to do an estimate we do a small test area to see what the results will be. If the grout is stained we recommend color sealing to get a uniform and the best grout protection possible ( see our Color Sealing Gallery ). Having your grout and stone sealed after a professional cleaning is recommended.




Travertine tile cleaning Los Gatos.....Before cleaning

Travertine tile can be a bit more challenging to clean then a ceramic type of tile. This is because stone is porous allowing dirt and grime to accumulate on the surface. Because of this an impregnating sealer is most important after having your stone surfaces deep cleaned. Also, due to travertines calcium content, an acidic cleaner cannot be used. Even with this limitation we are able to get excellent results on most travertine and grout surfaces..



Travertine tile and grout cleaning San Jose ..... After cleaning

The tile is now cleaned and sealed. On this travertine the surface had a honed finish to it. Other then a deep cleaning we can do a lot with travertine including filling the holes, polishing or honing. Sometimes factory travertine tiles with a honed finish have swirl marks. By running a honing powder we are able to get a uniform finish.




Commercial tile cleaning San Jose / Grout cleaning San Jose....Before and after cleaning


This commercial kitchen ceramic tile and grout cleaned up very well.




Tile cleaning Saratoga / Grout cleaning....Before and after cleaning






Shower tile and grout cleaning Los Gatos....Before cleaning






Grime, soap scum and mildew are common issues with showers. This travertine tile shower had a seat that was put in after the shower was installed. We took out a tile and found a lot of water damage in the frame. In talking with the customer they elected to have us remove it. See the outline of it in the first picture.



Travertine tile and grout cleaning ....After







The tile shower was cleaned with specialty soap scum and mildew removing cleaners designed for stone. It is important to note that cleaners used for ceramic tile should not be used for stone surfaces. Regular tile cleaners contain acid that will etch the stone. We see this a lot on polished stone such as marble. If you have a mix of tiles (man-made ceramic and natural stone) in one area, we recommend that you leave any ceramic tile cleaner out of that room. Sooner or later the tile cleaner will etch the stone.



Saltillo tile cleaning, sealing and stripping Gilroy...Before restoration

Saltillo tile cleaning before restoration





Saltillo tile as well as mexican tile and some other porous tiles are usually restored in a different manner then other non-porous tiles. This is because these tiles are often sealed with a topical sealer. A topical tile sealer sits on top of the tile and usually adds a shine to the tile. If the tile has not been properly maintained, stripping the sealer is usually the first step in restoration and can be challenging even for experienced tile restorers.

Before we take on a saltillo job we test a few strippers to see if they are effective at removal of the existing sealer. Our normal process for this type of service is to strip and neutralize the tile. We then allow at least 24 hours of dry time before sealing the tile. Since these tiles are so porous they can trap alot of water from the cleaning and can create problems such as peeling of the sealer.



Saltillo tile and grout cleaning ..After stripping, cleaning and sealing

Saltillo tile and grout cleaning After restoration