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Marble polishing San Jose / Stone restoration San Jose

Marble floor in San Jose before restoration..................

When polished marble, limestone or travertine becomes dull and lifless as in the picture above, it usually means that a restoration of some kind is in order. Marble being a soft stone will scratch from foot traffic. Over time the stone will loose it's clarity and shine. At this point there are a few options to bring back the marble to like-new condition. Diamond abrasives followed by a powder polishing is usually what is needed.




Marble floor polishing in San Jose, California before restoration

Diamond abrasives were used to not only take out the scratches from the floor but to also grind down the lippage. Lippage is when there is a difference in height from one tile to another. The result is usually a monolithic look. A marble polishing powder was used as the final step in this marble resurfacing process.




Marble floor .....Marble floor

Marble polishing / marble restoration / Travertine / Limestone.




Marble polishing Los Gatos

Marble entry before restoration Los Gatos





Marble and Limestone living room ready for polishing

This checkered marble and limestone floor looked unusual when we got there. It looked like someone had come in and honed it but there were areas that still had the original polish. The above pictures were taken after we ground the floor and honed it. It is now ready for powder polishing.





Marble floor after restoration. Los Gatos, California





Limestone floor after polishing.





Marble entry after we restore'd it.





White marble and limestone after honing.......Checkered marble and limestone. Los Gatos, California

We were able to achive a like new or better from the restoration. We say better because now the lippage is removed. Though we did not have a gloss meter on hand, it is quite possible that the shine is better then factory finish. The owners were very happy with their new marble limestone floors.





Marble polishing cleaning San Jose / Stone restoration San Jose

marble and limestone floor before restoration..................

This is another typical example of marble that needs resurfacing. This is Crema Marfil with limestone.




Crema Marfil and limestone shower, after stone restoration

Brought back to life. It's important to know that the shine you see in these pictures are not a result of a sealer that is added to the marble. The polish is a polishing powder that when used properly and with the right equipment, it results in naturally shinny marble, travertine or limestone. We feel that this is the only way to properly polish marble.





Marble Shower restoration / polishing Palo Alto

Palo Alto stone wall restoration while honing. Palo Alto, California

This marble shower had some etching from cleaners that a simply clean and polish did not remove. The tech above is in the process of honing the walls with diamond abrasives. Grinding and honing marble walls is no easy task and requires a lot of time, patience and most of all hard work.




Shower marble wall with etching removed. Los Gatos

Though not pictured here, there was more work that was done on this shower including re-grouting the floor and caulking. The glass doors were also cleaned with a specialty soap scum remover.




Marble tabletop

Abused Blanco Carrara tabletop




White Carrara tabletop after restoration. Atherton, California

The owners told us this antique table had been sitting in a corner of a garage and was being used as a work table. There were very deep scratches in this carara top.




Marble countertop polishing San Jose

Marble countertop with honed look before restoration. San Jose, Califlornia.......





Marble countertop after honing and polishing. San Jose, California.......Restored marble countertop

This marble countertop looked dull before we started working on it. Years of use and incorrect cleaners being used made it a candidate for restoration. There's a lot of cleaners that will etch and dull marble, limestone and travertine. Read the contents of anything you put in your marble bathrooms to make sure it is safe.



Marble scratch repair / stone repair

Scratch on marble tile.......Scratch on marble tile restored





Blending result of repaired marble tile. Almaden Valley, California

Repairing scratches on marble can sometimes be tricky. Not because of the initial scratch removal but the blending of the restored marble tile to the nearby areas. If the sourrounding marble tiles are in need of restoration or dull, a perfect blend may not be possible due to that the repaired area is now restored. Scratch repairs are usually done with diamond abrasives to knock down the material. After that a polishing powder is used to bring back the shine. This scratch was created by someone that had moved the refrigerator. In this job we achived very good results.


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