Some of our marble and stone restoration work. We service San Jose, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and nearby areas. California

Marble Polishing Gallery

Proudly serving Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Saratoga and nearby areas.
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Stone Restoration and Marble Polishing Gallery


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Marble polishing Morgan Hill

limestone floor before restoration..........limestone floor after restoration........

Morgan Hill marble polishing / limestone polishing.

This limestone floor was restored to a medium gloss. It is important to know that not all limestones will accept a high polish. If your floor was installed in a honed state and you desire a higher sheen, we can do a test on one of the tiles to see what your options are. Some limestones simply will not have an even polish when going from a honed state to a polished one.


Marble Polishing Gilroy / Stone restoration Gilroy

Marble polishing Gilroy


Marble Restoration / After

Marble polishing Gilroy after restoration



Marble cleaning Gilroy after marble polishing


This crema marfil marble floor had a lot of spalling before we started. Spalling is when there are areas in the stone that are deteriorating. The causes may be from previous water damage. We have also seen this condition on floors that have been crystallized. Crystallization is a process of polishing marble that makes the top layer of the stone much harder. Though this sounds like a good idea, at times it does not let the stone breath and can cause spalling.

The first picture was taken after the marble floor was honed followed by filling in the spalled areas with a polyester resin (shinny areas marked with blue tape). After the polyester dried we shaved off the excess and continued honing and polishing the marble. It is good to know that once stone starts to spall, there is no guarantee that the condition will not continue in other areas of the marble, travertine or limestone floor.


Marble polishing San Jose / Marble resurfacing

Before marble polishing / restoration. These first pictures were taken after we ground the floor to remove lippage.

Marble cleanin San Jose before stone restoration


Crema marfil marble before restoration



After marble polishing San Jose.

We also service Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Saratoga and nearby areas.

Crema Marfil marble resurfacing after polishing




This marble floor had just been installed. The owners were not happy with the excessive lippage ( difference in height from one marble tile to the next). The jagged edges of the tiles would hurt their bare feet. There were also a lot of scratches throughout the floor right after the installation. The use of sanded grout as well as not being carefull in the installation was the reason. Sanded grout should never be used in polished marble, limestone, or travertine tiles.


We came in and ground the floor flat with metal diamond abrasives. After honing and polishing the marble the owners have a floor they can be proud of.


Travertine honing Saratoga

We also fill holes in travertine, marble and limestone tiles and slabs.

Travertine tile restoration, lippage removal


There are no before pictures of this travertine floor. On this kitchen we replaced 8 or 9 tiles that were not layed properly. After we restored the whole floor starting with lippage removal. The owners wanted a satin look to their travertine and were very happy with the results.


Honed travertine and limestone floors have the advantage of not showing etching as much as in a polished state. If in a kitchen or other busy area, it is worth considering this look. A honed look can vary from a flat look to a high hone that has a bit of a shine. Normally the flatter the look, the more it will hide etching and scratches. An enhancing impregnating sealer is an option that is available with a honed tile. It gives the stone a richer look without adding any extra shine. If you're thinking of changing your polished travertine or limestone to a honed state, give us an extra tile. We'll bring it back with a few different finishes.


Some of the cities in the Bay Area that we serve: San Jose, Carmel, Monterey, San Francisco, Burlingame and many others.


We also repair and polish Travertine tiles.


Marble polishing San Jose / Willow Glen

Before picture of a marble floor in need of restoration.

Marble polishing San Jose


Marble floor after polishing

Marble floor tiles after restoration. We service Willow Glen, San Jose and other cities


Here's another marble floor that was in need of some restoration. Marble and other polished stones gradually loose their luster from scratches and etching. This marble floor was installed with very lippage. A few grits of diamond abrasives to hone and polish the floor is just what it needed to bring it's life back


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