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Grout color sealing San Jose ...... Before applying grout colorant

Grout color sealing countertop






Grout coloring / colorant is a special epoxy / acrylic colorant with hardeners added. Grout colorant is the best sealer for grout. Proper preparation is key for the grout color sealer to last a long time.

There are mainly two reasons to color seal grout. First is to change the color of the existing grout. The cost of re color sealing grout is a fraction compared to doing a full tile and re-grout. The second reason is when grout is stained and looks blotchy even after a professional cleaning of your tile and grout. Color sealer gives the grout a uniform look as well as provide protection from future spills and stains.




Grout color sealer San Jose.... After grout colorant applied

Grout colorant after sealing








Maintaining your newly colored grout is easy. Clean with a neutral cleaner followed by a clear water rinse. Make sure not to use an abrasive brush or any cleaner that are harsh. As with any sealer harsh cleaners will reduce the life of the sealer.


When not to color seal. Though color sealer solves some problems there are certain situations when you may consider other options. We do not recommend grout color sealent on non-sanded grout. Non-sanded grout is usually found in bathrooms where the grout lines are about 1/4" wide. In these situations re-grouting may be a better option. But before re-grouting, a deep cleaning of the grout may make a considerable difference. We perform a grout cleaning test before we make recommendations on non-sanded grout. After a cleaning or / and re-grout a clear sealer is recommended.




Grout color sealing Los Gatos.....Before sealing

Commercial grout sealent





The grout in these commercial bathrooms were stained even after a deep cleaning.




Grout color sealing..... After grout colorant applied