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Carpet cleaning San Jose

Carpet Cleaning nylon dinning room carpet (before)....................Carpet Cleaning nylon dining room carpet (after).

Though a carpet should not get this dirty before professional cleanings, it's nice to know that it can be brought back to life. This is a nylon carpet and is one of the reasons it was saved. Look out for polyester type carpets that carry a bunch of diferent names. Always ask for the fiber content or better yet, look in the back of the samples. Polyester carpets will wear much sooner then nylon.




Carpet cleaning Santa Clara

Here's another nylon carpet that was neglected. The diagonal line was from a kitchen cabinet that was left after water damage. A regular cleaning usually does not take out some stains like this one. Think about some of the stains in your clothes. Even after it goes in to your washer the stains may still be there. Certain stains like rust, cofee, tea, ink, furniture stains, red stains, pet urine stains and others require specialty carpet cleaning chemicals to remove. This stain was effectively removed with a carpet cleaning rust remover as well as an oxidizer.


It is important to know that even a reputable professional carpet cleaner may not get all the stains out of your carpet. There are a few options when stains in your carpets are permanent. You may be able to have the stained carpet area recolored in some cases. This can only be done with certain carpet fiber types such as nylon or wool. Check with your carpet cleaner.

Another option is to have the area of stained carpet replaced with a donor piece. In some cases the area that was replaced may not look the same as the original carpet. This is usually because the new carpet piece is new and does not have any wear to it. In time though, it will blend just fine with the more worn carpet area.



Knowing the right pre-spray and technique to use saved these landlords from having to replace the carpet. And just because we got the dirt out does not mean we left the carpet soaked. We have some advanced tools and take the time to extract up to 95% of the water we use to rinse the carpet. Depending on the weather and how soiled the carpets were, they should be dry in 2-4 hours.




Carpet cleaning San Jose


Carpet can hold a surprising amount of dirt. Before purchasing any kind of flooring material, it's important to know what it's maintenance requirements are to keep it looking it's best. Protect your investment




Carpet cleaning Los Gatos


Stairs usually take a beating. As seen in the before picture, the middle section gets all the wear. For this reason most carpet warranties exclude stairs. On the plus side, when thinking about safety, there is no better flooring material then carpet for stairs.




Carpet Cleaning San Jose / Carpet Urine Treatment San Jose


Here's an olefin berber that had many urine spots. In this situation we pre-sprayed with a special pet urine treatment before extracting. Treating urine on carpet can be a complex issue. This is because if the urine has gone down to the backing and or the padding a normal treatment is not sufficient for complete removal. Size, age and how many times the pet has gone in the areas determine the severity of the problem. At times carpeting would have to be pulled out, the padding replaced then the carpet would be cleaned front and back.

Urine from a cat is usually more pungent then a dog and therefore much harder to eliminate the odor. This is specially true when the urine in the carpet is in the edges of a room. The challenges here is the the urine may have soaked into the drywall and other parts of the structure.




Commercial carpet cleaning San Jose / Los Gatos / Los Altos / Cupertino


Here's a few examples of commercial carpeting. Commercial carpet can present cleaning problems due to that the backing is usually glued to the substrate. The carpet does not dry out as fast as it would in residential carpet. Because of this attention has to be given in extracting as much water from the cleaning as possible. If the carpet is left too wet wicking can sometimes occur causing unsightly spots to re-appear. On some commercial carpeting we may use a low moisture machine (pad machine). These machines produce great results as well as increase production times in larger commercial settings. With these machines we use an encapsulant and have found that carpets stay clean longer.