Maintaining your natural stone surfaces

This following guide points out some important details as to how to maintain your marble, limestone, granite, travertine and other natural stone surfaces.

Why you need to know about the ph of your cleaner
There are many cleaners that work for maintaining natural stone (see below for a few recommendations). If the natural stone has been deep cleaned and sealed, a “neutral ph” is essential for the longevity of the sealer. A high ph cleaner will strip just about any sealer in little time so choosing the right cleaner is essential.

Though the explanation of ph is rather exhaustive, suffice it to say that ph is the measure of how acidic or alkaline a liquid is. The ph scale goes from a 0 which is acidic to 14 which is alkaline. A neutral ph is somewhere around 7 on the ph scale and does the least harm to the sealer on tile, grout and natural stone.

Image courtesy of UC Davis Chemwiki

Some recommended cleaners:
For countertops:
Dupont stone cleaner
Miracle Sealent’s cleaner (check your local Home Depot for this one)
MB has some great products. MB1
Shower Cleaners MB3, MB5

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Dull and abused marble floors get a makeover

It’s good to know that something can be done with your dull and etched marble surfaces. You’ve tried just about every cleaner out there but still, the rings, scratches and what appears to be stains are still there.

Marble, limestone and travertine all have calcium carbonate in their makeup. Many types of cleaners and foods / drinks will react with it and cause it to etch. Just about anything acidic will etch marble and that’s not just drinks such as lemons, margaritas but also many cleaners are slightly acidic. Even your perfumes and colognes can damage your marble surfaces.

Damaged marble floorsMarble floor before restoration.

This room was used to make wine for years which left the marble etched and stained. The discoloration and the rings is not dirt, it is etching and staining. The homeowners wanted the floor restored to it’s original sheen which was honed. As well the small diamond inserts needed to be brought back to a high polish.

Marble floor after stone restoration
Marble floor after stone restoration

We were able to hone the floor with a coarse grit diamond abrasive which took care of the etching and staining. Then it was brought up to a higher sheen with lesser aggressive abrasives. The inserts were then polished. Due to built in wine shelves being installed the day after, the homeowners saved some money by not having us detail those edges.

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