Granite counters – Simple test to see if they need sealing

Though it is a fact that a lot of granite countertops need to be sealed, there are many that will actually not take any sealer at all. Below is a simple test to determine if your granite countertops are absorbent enough to take a sealer.

  • Put a few drops of water on the surface and wait 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Afterwards completely dry the surface.
  • If the area is darker then the stone the granite needs sealing.
  • If the area did not turn darker repeat the procedure with mineral spirits.
  • If the color has not changed then the countertop does not need a sealer.

Water Beading On Granite








This test can also be done to determine if your sealer needs re-application as well.

Proper cleaning prior to sealing your granite countertops is essential for best success.
Granite can have many fissures (voids) in which dirt can accumulte. Professional cleaning methods will remove dirt from these sometimes microscopic areas. Let us know if you have any questions about your granite countertops or any other stone or tile surfaces. See more information about our granite cleaning, sealing and polishing services here.