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Carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, marble refinishing and other services in the San Jose area What our San Jose customers are saying See our work for tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, marble polishing and cleaning in the San Jose area Call us if you live in the San Jose area. Other areas served also, Los Gatos, Los Altos, San Francisco and others
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Welcome to Love Your Floors. We are a Diamond Certified company doing business in San Jose, California and many other Bay Area cities. Our services include Carpet cleaning San Jose, tile and grout cleaning, natural stone restoration marble polishing, granite clean and seal, marble cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet protection and grout repair. Our service areas include San Jose, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Saratoga, Cupertino, Atherton, Santa Cruz, Fremont, Palo Alto, Mountain View and sourrounding cities. We're glad you came. We'd love a chance to earn your business !

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Tile Cleaning San Jose / Natural Stone Cleaning / Grout Cleaning

Whether you have man-made ceramic tile, porcelain, saltillo, tera cotta, or a natural stone such as marble, limestone, granite countertops and floors, travertine, slate and others, you may have noticed that over time they have become accumulated with dirt and your best cleaning efforts are barely making a difference. In most cases we are able to get your tile and grout looking like the day it was installed. After cleaning, we can seal the surfaces for protection. Check out our video and learn more about our tile and grout cleaning service.


Free Tile, grout and Stone Cleaning demo
Because grout and some porous stones can stain, we like to give a quick demo. This will help us determine the best course of action as well as give you an idea of what the final cleaning would look like. If by chance the tile and grout cleaning demo shows that the grout is stained we can color seal your grout. Color sealing grout will give the best protection as well as a uniform grout throughout your tile installed floor.


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...Grout Color Sealing Gallery


More information about our tile cleaning service in the San Jose area



Marble Cleaning San Jose, Polishing and Natural Stone Restoration

Even after a deep cleaning you may still notice that the luster of your natural stone floors, countertops, walls and other surfaces has lost it's luster. A professional stone restoration service may be in order. We grind, hone and polish all kinds of stone including marble, travertine, limestone and others. Find out about our marble cleaning and polishing services.


Marble Polishing / Restoration / Honing / Grinding

Marble is one of the softest stone. It is easily scratched and in time it's factory shine is lost. Marble polishing will take out minute scratches from the surface but the restoration process may have to go beyond just a polish.


Another common problem that we see with marble floors and marble countertops is etching. Etch marks on marble, travertine and limestone surfaces is caused by acids or acidic liquids coming into contact with the stone. Acidic drinks tend to etch marble surfaces


Let us take a look at your marble, travertine or limestone surfaces and give a recommendation as to the best course of action.


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Learn more about our Marble Polishing and Refinishing service



Grout Repair, Re-grouting, Re-caulking

We see a lot of bathroom showers and countertops that need re-grouting. Grout repair can usually be done with unsanded grout which is usually in bathroom showers, floors and counters. Anywhere you have unsanded grout that is cracking we can regrout it to like-new condition.


Not just tile and grout cleaning.

Sometimes the difference between a good and great tile and grout cleaning job is the end result of the grout. Whether it's touching up a few areas where grout is missing, eliviating that one grout stain that didn't come out during the cleaning, filling up some holes in your limestone or travertine floor or replacing that loose or cracked tile, this can make the difference between a good and great final outcome. We have the tools and knowledge for a truly complete tile, stone and grout service.


More information about Grout repair, shower re-caulking



Carpet Cleaning San Jose

Our residential clients receive the best of carpet cleaning methods. Hot Water Extraction, better known as Steam Cleaning. Deep cleaning is included with our regular carpet cleaning prices. While some other carpet cleaning companies have a low price for an initial cleaning, deep cleaning is often an extra charge.


....San Jose Carpet Cleaning Gallery


If you live in the San Jose area click to learn more about our Carpet Cleaning Service



Commercial Carpet Cleaning San Jose / Office Cleaning

For our commercial clients such as in an office environment we offer encapsulation carpet cleaning with our pad machines. With this carpet cleaning method, we are able to achive high production rates and pass the savings on to you. Our encapsulant carpet cleaners will not only do a great job of your commercial low nap carpet but it will also keep them looking good for a longer period of time. We also offer Upholstery cleaning, Tile and grout cleaning and sealing as well as marble polishing and other stone restoration services.


For other businesses where grease and heavy soil loads may be an issue such as a restaurant we offer our Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning method. With Love Your Floors there's no need to worry about overwetting, long dry times and resoiling issues you may have had with other companies.


Office and commercial cleaning information



Upholstery Cleaning San Jose

We recommend having your most used upholstery cleaned every year. Our deep cleaning system will wisk away allergens and embedded dirt. Your upholstered fabrics, like your sheets is something that we come in direct contact with and should not be left alone.


Upholstery cleaning



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Marble cleaning and polishing

Grout Color Sealing / Colorant



Some of the areas we service around San Jose:
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Los Altos
Morgan Hill
Santa Cruz
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Feel confident in having Love Your Floors handle all your carpet cleaning, tile and stone, upholstery and natural stone restoration needs. Our services are guaranteed. If ever you have a problem after our service, call us and we'll make it right. We like happy customers.